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  RockFashion International Trading Inc., located in China, is engaged in direct-to-customer global business(B2B and B2C), offering our worldwide customers thousands of daily life necessities such as world famous footwear, apparel, jerseys, bags, accessories etc., a wide variety of original Chinese products(Made in China) and Chinese characteristic products of locality
  As one of the largest China-based online wholesale & retailer  trading platforms, rockfashion.ru is committed to serving worldwide people with attractive products, favorable prices and friendly great customer service. And we will make great efforts to be a sustainably enchanting and friendly online shopping scene.

1. Business strategy: Friendly win-win concept is the priority of our business strategy.


2. Service strategy: Great reliability of service; to reply within 24 hours;  happily source what our customers need; prompt delivery time; sweetly fulfill our customers' requirements and deliver huge happiness and warm love to customers.


3. Price strategy: With direct-to-customer mode, we aim to narrow profit margin and provide wholesale prices to you as we work directly with manufacturers.


4. Culture strategy: rockfashion.ru is a promising sunny hub of honesty, sincerity, love, human touch, energy, youth, passion, pleasure and dreams; we kindly treat each one of you as our family or friends here; hope we can grow happily together.



5. Business&Life philosophy: Promise to do better; Strive to chase dreams; Learn to be happy and live life to the fullest; Learn To Be; Learn To Do;  Learn To Live Happily.


  In short, rockfashion.ru aligns itself around the mission: to adhere to the principle of Win-Win; to provide the very best customer service possible and bring enormously more joy to each one of you.

  Welcome to http://rockfashion.ru/


  Delighted to get to know each other. 

  Saving you more money and supplying all brands and bringing you more happiness are our goal!

  Come on friends! Get started to join us now! Get started to rock fashion brand sneakers,clothes,bags,etc.
  Sweetly amazing surprises are awaiting here to be discovered!

  Just shop with huge joy and mutual talk!